Fajar Achmadi

The figure of Fajar Achmadi is not a new name in the business world of Construction Rubber Products in the country, especially in East Java, precisely in Malang City. Being the head of the company, manufacturer as well as distributor and manufacturer of Construction Rubber for ten years, made Fajar Achmadi respected in the world of Construction Rubber Producers in Indonesia.

For more than 20 years struggling in the business world of Construction Rubber Producers, Fajar Achmadi has been in various business fields, especially in the world of Rubber in Indonesia, until finally in 2020 ventured to create "MPM PERKASA" under the auspices of CV. Mahameru Putra Mandiri Perkasa, where his position is the president director.

Armed with it all, under his leadership, MPM Perkasa is expected to become a supporter of the economic lifeblood in Indonesia, especially in East Java. So that it can help move local MSMEs and e-commerce, especially in the Field of Construction and Industrial Rubber Needs.

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